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King Wha Restaurant
(206) 243-0323
605 Sw 152nd St
Burien WA 98166

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4 Reviews

reviewed by Jenny C

I too have been going to King Wha since before I can remember. We have fantastic memories over the years of fantastic food and really friendly service. Dine in is great, take out is great, there is no down side. Even worth the drive all the way from Ballard to Burien! :)

reviewed by Jamie

I have been going here for years. The owner is the nicest man and the food it totally authentic and really good. Always freshly made and everything we have ever tried has been wonderful.

reviewed by winfhol

The food is the thing here and it's cheap for what you get. It's very good. Been going here for ten years.

reviewed by bataberger

I love tea @ Chinese restaurants. You need it to wash down all the grease. But I kept wondering why the tea we were drinking was already sweet. Then I saw the waitress dump a pot of tea she just picked up from an empty table into a big pot near the kitchen. That explains it. I was drinking someone else's old tea they had sweetened. Dee-lish. After this incident, we stopped going to the restaurant as the quality had been going downhill for some time. Take for instance the won ton soup. The broth was absolutely tasteless. We'll stick to driving into the ID.

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